Our activity in Europe radiates mainly from Toulouse, the birthplace of Maître Céline CARSALADE, which can be described as a "laboratory" or "hive". This second office was created in 2015. 

We have set up an organization in the form of various projects, in order to make the best use of the skills of our employees in each field. 

Toulouse is a city of international influence, due to its aeronautical activity, which allows us to manage files on a European and global scale without any difficulty. 

Our team is composed of lawyers, jurists, legal assistants, but also of project managers, each one dedicated to a part of our activities. 

Our field of action revolves around the following areas: 

But also other very varied subjects: 

We are able to respond to all kinds of clients:

We are committed to anchoring ourselves locally through professionals sharing the same values ​​as us and the desire to best serve the interests of our clients. 

Our local network is very extensive: notaries, accountants, brokers, family office companies, real estate consultants ... 

Do you want to participate in our activities and become a partner? Contact us! 


76 Allées Jean Jaurès, 31000, Toulouse, France

Phone: (+33) 05 62 18 09 66