Céline Carsalade law firm is a member of the AAMTI, Association of Attorneys in Real Estate Transactions, and regularly acts as an agent in real estate transactions. Thanks to this status, we support you as closely as possible in your various real estate and investment projects, both in Saint-Barth and in Toulouse, or in Morocco.

Since loi Hoguet du 2 janvier 1970,a lawyer can manage the activity of agent in real estate transactions as an accessory to his main activity.

The transaction operation relating to real estate requires both legal and real estate expertise. This is why, alongside the notary and the real estate agent, the intervention of the lawyer brings significant added value to the real estate transaction, whether for sales or research operations. or rentals.

Indeed, as a legal professional in general, and an expert in real estate law in particular, in particular thanks to its activity in Saint-Barthélemy and Toulouse, Céline Carsalade is the ideal agent who will provide the necessary security for all your actions. . The ethical obligations incumbent on it will make your operations as secure as possible.

Information, control, efficiency, confidentiality and loyalty will be the watchwords throughout the transaction and our support.

As such, we offer in particular real estate for sale, most of the high-end, which we will be honored to present to you.


From the acquisition to the sale of real estate, we help you to carry out your projects as well as possible from start to finish (audit by an expert, appraisal of the property, connection with a notary usually working with the firm, sale of building to be constructed, sale of building to be renovated, sale under conditions, property development contract, land, etc).

Céline Carsalade law firm has established numerous partnerships in metropolitan France, the West Indies / Caribbean and the United States (New York and Miami), Maître Céline CASALADE being a member of the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce of New York. and Miami.

our firm is representative in
real estate transactions


Céline CARSALADE is involved in all stages of a property management operation.

Whether in advice OR co-ownership litigation (collection of charges, meeting of general assemblies, co-owners' relations with third parties, liability action, etc.), or in the management of leases, we are here to ensure the sustainability of your good.


Céline CARSALADE is developing know-how at the service of both landlords and tenants in the area of ​​amicable or contentious management of residential and commercial leases.

Our experience has led us to develop relevant procedural strategies to preserve your rights: foreclosure on the basis of leases, breach of commodat, opposition to an order to pay, leaves, defense against eviction, reimbursement of rents, charges and undue costs ...

In addition to the drafting of leases, leaves and orders, we also assist you before the courts to defend your rights.


Not many people know it, but it is possible for any owner to sell their property at auction. The auction is public and must be organized by a notary. All types of propertys can be auctioned.

In the context of a purchase, and in accordance with article R. 322-40 of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedures, to have the right to participate in real estate auctions, you must entrust your mandate to a lawyer, a representative who must be registered with the bar of the Tribunal de Grande Instance which is organizing this hearing.

Céline CARSALADE can represent its clients for both a purchase and an auction, for residential property, but also for commercial premises or other real estate