Following her training in Paris II and exercising the activity of lawyer at the Paris Bar, Maître Céline CARSALADE wished to practice in Saint-Barthélemy, mainly in view of the great legal specificity of this island, linked to her status as a overseas collectivity.

Maître Céline CARSALADE has thus been able to acquire a solid experience in real estate (construction, town planning, real estate transactions), patrimonial (wealth management, inheritance) and in tax matters.

Working with correspondents in metropolitan France and New York, Maître Céline CARSALADE has turned the activity of her law firm towards the international market, thus placing her structure in Saint-Barthélemy at the center of her activity, in particular with a presence in Toulouse and Casablanca. , in addition to the West Indies.

With a diverse clientele, Maître Céline CARSALADE supports her French clients in their projects and litigation abroad, and vice versa.

Maître Céline CARSALADE has surrounded herself with a young, dynamic, diverse and competent team to assist her effectively and meet as best as possible the needs of her customers.


 FLAMANDS BP 1242, 97133 Saint-Barthélemy

Tél : (+590) 05 90 87 78 48  / (+590) 06 90 38 1130
Fax : (+590) 05 90 52 84 29