Céline CARSALADE's law firm has developed a strategy of taking precautionary measures when proceedings are initiated.

This allows to obtain, through the filing of motions, orders for the purposes of conservatory seizure of securities, bank accounts and temporary mortgage allowing to maintain procedural pressure on a potential debtor.

The success of procedures often depends on conservatory initiatives taken upstream.


To respond to the emergency of certain situations, Céline CARSALADE's law firm is competent to initiate summary proceedings which, due to the short timing, compensate for the lack of speed of certain procedures (summary from hour to hour, referred to fixed day, urgent measures in family matters, urgent measures concerning the infringement of a fundamental freedom, urgent measures in the matter of construction, etc…).


In matters of debt collection, the action of Céline Carsalade's law firm is to obtain from your recalcitrant debtor the payment of the sums he owes you. We are competent to manage an amicable or contentious procedure, from formal notice to judgment.

We also work in partnerships with professional and very efficient bailiffs, which can be very useful in many cases, sometimes even at late hours, and even on the other side of the world.


Céline CARSALADE's law firm is committed to the proper execution of the decisions rendered. We advise our clients in order to find the most appropriate way of execution and take all necessary steps for its realisation, and thus allow our clients to recover the sums owed to them by their debtors.