The Céline CARSALADE law firm, as partner of several clubs, assists sportswomen and men in the drafting of their contracts, as well as the defense of their sporting and other interests.

As such, we may be requested for issues such as:

More specifically, Céline CARSALADE's law firm defends sportswomen, rarely provided with infrastructure or professional support: horse rider, rugby, basketball and judoka players. No matter what the sport, the most important thing is to allow them to concentrate on their training and performance. It is up to us to take care of everything else, for them, their families and those around them.

Céline CARSALADE's firm is also developing its activities and its support for the community of gamers, streamers and other members of the booming E-SPORT world.

Our team has all required qualifications, knowledge and expertise so specific to the sporting world, which reassures our clients and ensures them of defending their interests with professionalism and integrity. 


The world of Esport is a constantly evolving environment, many sportsmen and influencers are interested in it and have invested massively in it in recent years.

50M euros: this is what the French Esport market represented during the year 2019, which makes it the 3rd European market behind the UK and England.e marché européen derrière le Royaume-Uni et l’Angleterre.

It is in this dynamic that the Ministry of Sports and the Secretary of State in charge of digital have established a strategy aimed at structuring this movement, in order to make France the European leader of Esport. 

The law firm Céline CARSALADE proposes from now on to the community of the gamers, creators of contents, among which some among the most popular on the web, esports associations, but also the semi-pro and professional structures of Esport:

Our ambition is to participate in the structuring of the Esport, by offering our legal services to allow the development of structures in need.

Whether independent or salaried, the income of an esport player can be quite complex, between salary, sponsoring, streaming income or cashprize, so we advise them to optimize their taxation.

As our firm is also a real estate agent, this dual role allows us to offer our customers real estate available for rent or sale, in order to respond to the many investment projects or Gaming House, very popular in recent years.

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