When taking the oath, the Advocate solemnly raises his right hand and proclaims:

"I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with DIGNITY, CONSCIOUSNESS, INDEPENDENCE, PROBITY and HUMANITY."

Through these five cardinal virtues, Céline CARSALADE law firm is committed to defending your interests with dedication and humanity, with the utmost respect for the terms of its oath

Our open team spirit, focused on passing on know-how and legal expertise
already proven, and towards national and international openness, allows us to combine classicism and modernism, responsiveness and dynamism.

The firm is also very attached to the confidentiality of exchanges and data as well as the absence of conflicts of interest. We therefore intend to establish a climate of mutual trust so that relationships with our clients are long-term.

The Céline CARSALADE law firm plays the card of diversity and expertise. It includes lawyers from different specialties, but also active partnerships with notaries, which makes it possible to establish a real pooling of skills, and to deal dynamically and efficiently with cases, both in advice and in litigation.

We put in place all means in order to defend and advise our clients, even and especially in the face of adversity because “Prosperity shows the happy, adversity shows the great.” (Pliny the Younger, Lawyer from the 1st century AD).

Our role is to defend in the event of open conflict, but also to advise, to increase the prosperity of the firm's clients.



The firm is keen to get involved in causes of general interest through financial sponsorship in support of various associations.

Through this sponsorship, the firm intends to make the human aspect of the profession concrete. Because the lawyer swears to practice his profession with HUMANITY.

This is how the Céline CARSALADE's law firm actively defends two major causes: development of sport and protection of children

Support for the sports community:


Since the activity of a lawyer is a defense professional activity, the law firm CÉLINE CARSALADE has chosen to support the CLUB DE SELF DEFENSE DE ST-BARTH. 

It is an full part of the JUDOCLUB DE ST-BARTH, which allows the personal development of all, young and old.

The training aims to teach how to avoid risky situations, manage conflicts or even know specific techniques for defending yourself in the event of aggression, or a situation of violence, both physical and verbal.


Close to the sporting world and involved in several disciplines, Céline CARSALADE's law firm provides, among other things, its support to Spacer’s, the Pink City Volleyball club.

It allows to support high level athletes, to create exchanges and mutual professional support in a responsible and relaxed way.


In addition, Céline CARSALADE's law firm has also supported women's and men's basketball clubs (TBC, TMB), the Hand Fénix ofToulouse as well as the Blagnac Rugby Club.


Finally, Céline CARSALADE's law firm supports high-level horse riding, in particular show jumping, for the love of horses and this elegant and noble sport.

It is the MARIE DEMONTE rider that the firm has chosen to support and also accompany in the defense of its legal interests.

Support for associations:


Le cabinet Céline CARSALADE soutient l’Association EMMA, association aidant les enfants souffrant notamment de dyslexie, parrainée par Mme STÉPHANY LINDER et par Mme MONIQUE TURBE à Saint-Barthélemy.

Still very recent, this association supports parents whose children suffer from behavioral and personality disorders or from a medically recognized pathology.



On the strength of all these commitments, Céline CARSALADE's law firm is increasing its support for local associations and structures, in particular with the Toulouse Oncopole, in order to help cancer research.

Our firm supports and participates in the fight against cancer on a European level with the Oncopole.


Le cabinet Céline CARSALADE soutient l’Association CROC BLANC , association de protection et de défense des animaux.

Recueillir via des familles d’accueil, soigner, ,nourrir, et faire adopter les animaux abandonnés, maltraités ou errants.



Le cabinet Céline CARSALADE s’investit dans la culture locale et soutient l’association SB FAMILY.

Production et organisation de spectacles et événements pour la promotion de la culture et de l’art de Saint Barthélémy.