André CARPIN is an artist attracted from an early age by drawing, painting and plastic arts. He naturally studied at the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Lyon and continued his training at the Beaux-arts in Paris, before turning to other disciplines that temporarily took him away from the world of Art.

The artist will first pursue a career in computer science as engineer, without ever giving up his taste for Art and Arts in general. This professional experience in new technologies will be an enriching element that he will reinvested in his culture and artistic practice.

Starting from 1998, André devoted himself fully to his first passion. His experience and maturity will then allow him to constantly explore new universes, where he can naturally exercise his innate sense of creation.

It is the meeting of the four primordial elements that inspires the artist: earth, fire, water and air. Genesis of all creations, the field of poetry becomes infinite; the artist's brush such as the writer's pen.

Source of his inspiration, the human presence is ubiquitous in his works with his staging where the strong volumes, sometimes human and sometimes vegetal, work as “sensors of life” even when they are not visible. 

The artist, like a virtuoso, plays with all techniques: reliefs, materials, shapes and colors interact in this demanding genesis which may seem confusing, but going off the road or out of the frame is also part of the work. 

120 x 120 x 6 cm
100 x 100 cm
120 x 160 x 24 cm
120 x 160 cm
120 x 120 cm
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