Born in Montauban, in the south of France, Estelle HAMEL, alias StelH is a self-taught artist. Whether it is sculpture, poetry or painting, but also the future line of fashion accessories (bags, purses ...), her works are filled with humanity, empathy and emotion.

Her many trips, including to Brazil, in the mythical imperial city of Petropolis, near Rio de Janeiro, still deeply mark his inspiration. It is sometimes to the sound of soft and bewitching music that you will be welcomed in her studio, a complete change of scenery! 

The materials used for the creation of her works are very unusual: sand, plants, flowers, champagne, candle, powder, but also main natural elements: water, earth, air and fire.
Materials thus evolve over time, according to their chemical interactions: humidity or drought, heat or cold, wind or calm, depending on when you look at a painting, it will have different shades, and your path will then be unique, yours, and nothing but yours.

The sand can thus appear ocher or brown, wine will change from ruby ​​to old pink, or even to gray blue, and what looked as green will then be blue, that's all StelH: contrasts and surprises await you with her!

StelH will always seek to know what are your feelings during the discovery of her works, because what you feel will not necessarily be the same as how your neighbor feels at the same time. You are the one who makes your artistic journey.
100 x 100 cm
100 x 100 cm
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50 X 50 cm
100 x 100 cm
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