Lilajoy, an artist from Toulouse, works with poetry in wood and light. With a delicate gesture, she gives shape to openwork lace that the light reveals on its way.

She gently pierces the wood and plays with the densities of the piercings to create luminous-kinetic works, which have the characteristic of moving in the viewer's eye as they move. There is something soothing about her luminous paintings, a balance where fullness and emptiness become one and transport us.

In fact, she enchanted the Purpan Hospital of the Toulouse University Hospital with a novel space: the Espace de Ressourcement that she designed in 2016. This soothing and meditative space, created as part of a thesis in Art and Design, was a great success. It was a winner at the 2017 Palmarès de la Construction Bois Occitanie, and has been the subject of a good number of articles in various magazines (La revue du design, Hospimedia, ActuSoin, Techniques hospitalières, Le patrimoine).

Each Lace of Light is made of a RGB LED lighting system, which can be controlled with a remote control to change the color of the light, or to opt for different diffusion modes (fade, flash...). It is plugged into the mains via an integrated electric cable, or can also be used as a wall light.

totem terre et ciel
57cm x 89cm
terre d'étoiles
40cm x 40cm
totem floral
57cm x 84cm
105cm x 105cm
corail du bout du monde
95cm x 170cm
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